Lassi-Maker washing machines

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Tue, Sep 25, 2007 — maverick

Ever thought of making lassi in a washing machine???

Picture this "In Ludhiana, a sadar dhaba owner uses a small top loading washing machine to make large quantities of lassi with minimum effort and in a very short time".



Hardeep Singh Sidhu, a retired maintenance engineer with Swaraj Tractors in Mohali, has been interested in how electrical gadgets are modified and used for unintended purposes. He informs that the washing machine doubling up as a lassi maker became the rage in the late eighties, especially with semi-automatic and locally produced washing machines that came quite cheap.

“People would use it for churning milk and then clean it for use in washing clothes as well,” he says. For churning smaller volumes of lassi, say 5-6 litres, washing machines were too large, so someone took a table fan shaft, modified it and added blades to make a portable blender that now comes for Rs 600-700.

Source: Economic Times

Watch this cool HSBC advertisement on the Lassi-maker washing machine.



Jugaad is our word for reinvention (Economic Times)

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