Magnetic Shock Absorber

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Wed, Oct 01, 2008 — shrutikumar7

Kalpita Patil (19) from Maharashtra as a student of Computer Science developed magnetic shock absorbers for automobiles and two wheelers.

After getting the idea, Kalpita made a prototype of the shock absorbers with plastic pipes and magnets. She covered the similar poles of the magnets with the same coloured plastic and used a different colour for the other pole, to differentiate between the opposite poles, and within few months the shock absorber was ready.

The unit comprises of two circular magnets and a rod (straight cylindrical rod which can be used as axle). One magnet is attached at the bottom of the rod and is the base magnet. The other magnet is free, with a float and has the similar pole placed towards the base magnet. The similarity of poles creates repulsion and a certain distance is maintained. As per load condition, the floating magnet moves and closes the gap until the magnetic repulsion is strong enough to create the damping action. In this manner a shock absorber without springs working on the basic law of magnets -Opposite poles attract and similar poles repel- is prepared.

Kalpita made only one model, NIF integrated her concept by making another model. The sample model costs about Rs.10-Rs.15. She hasn't publicized this innovation and is currently working on incorporating the idea in the barber's chair.


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